The Power of Kindness in 2020

Allison Clarke’s keynote, The Power of Kindness in 2020, demonstrates what happens when extra consideration and sincerity are infused into the workplace. A sincere smile, an overdue phone call, or a handwritten note can uplift moral and evoke positive change in any organization.

Have you ever set out to intentionally make someone’s day? For nearly one year, Allison has been planning daily acts of kindness with strangers, colleagues, friends and family. This reminded her how we have no idea what others are going through. A small gesture of kindness can make someone’s day and even change their lives.

She shares her process for:

  • how to spot opportunities for giving
  • how to verbally express appreciation
  • how to impact those whom you’ve never met, as well as those who matter most

Acts of kindness can be almost effortless. They can also alleviate depression, reduce overwhelm, and be the medicine a team needs to gain connection and trust.

Would you like to create a work environment where people feel honored? You’ll walk away from this talk with concrete ideas and a written plan for becoming a conduit of constant kindness. It comes with one warning: This may be the most profound change you can activate in your life.