Leadership Training

Meetings That Matter

Meetings That Matter

ACC’S Meetings that Matter is a 4-hour, hands-on training program that teaches how to plan, participate in, and conclude successful and engaging meetings. This includes face-to-face, video, telephone, or conference call meetings.

Using video analysis, professional coaching, and peer review, you will learn how to:

      • Follow the best practices of verbal and nonverbal communication.
      • Assess your leadership style and know what to adjust.
      • Establish purpose and an agenda to keep things moving.
      • Facilitate and lead with less technology and more engagement.
      • Manage conflict and derailment among participants.
      • Assign action and accountability effectively with follow-up activities.

Participants receive a customized YouTube video of themselves and a personal copy of the Meetings That Matter workbook.



“The training programs offered by Allison are paying dividends for both new employees and long-term team members. We are hearing from our long-term team members how reenergized they are about their purpose both professionally and personally. We are also seeing true shifts for the better regarding internal communication and our interactions with customers.”

Kent VanArnam, Dick Hannah Dealerships

The World-Class Leader

A humanized approach to business

        • Understanding of your meaning and strengths
        • Better abilities in listening to yourself, others and connecting with sincerity
        • More satisfying relationships that grow from recognition and appreciation
        • Stronger influence and more impact with your communication
        • Confidence with speaking in public
        • Commitment to living and working according to your values
        • Accountability for the changes that are needed and wanted
        • Clarity on how to leave your mark in the world


“Our division leadership team wanted a fresh new approach to improve communication, confidence and team building for our Store Management. Allison has the ability to get individuals to expand beyond their comfort zone. Allison gets her participants to think about themselves differently which helps them communicate to their team differently. I saw people that were quiet and reserved start to express themselves freely and confidently. Consultants I have dealt with in the past have a standard process or agenda they follow. Allison will adapt her process and agenda based on your needs. She has amazing energy and is an excellent facilitator.”

– Steve Peiffer | VP of Operations, Kroger Co, Dillons Division

“I have always considered myself a strong leader and an even stronger operator.  After the last 8 months with Allison I am now a strong operator and an even stronger leader.  Allison has worked with me on public speaking, body language, facilitating classes, communication, coaching and just having fun when working. 

After all of my personal training Allison assisted me with the selection of my entire management team for our project.  She created a six-week training class on engagement and accountability that was attended by my thirty managers.  The personal and professional growth displayed and demonstrated by the team was amazing.  Allison’s coaching was what made our project not only possible but extremely successful.”

– Sam Strouse, Fred Meyer 

“Allison is amazing. What I loved the most was being reminded of how important appreciating others is! I watched an entire team blossom before my eyes. The confidence the team walked away with was priceless. The importance of celebrating success at all levels throughout the company. Allison has taught us the value of communicating what is really important to our Associates, and given us lifelong skills that will help us professionally and personally. Our team has gone from Good to Great! We have all been inspired to be better leaders! Thank you Allison!”

– Cynthia Malen, Fred Meyer 


The Power of Communication

ACC’s The Power of Communication is a one-day workshop for professionals who want to come across as their best selves in every interaction at work.

Participants will learn tricks that allow purposeful communication to occur with confidence and ease. These valuable people skills can do wonders for building business relationships and polishing a person’s professional brand.

Allison Clarke is a leading expert on interpersonal communication and influence. For almost 20 years, she has developed leaders in various industries by helping them become conscious of their words, thoughts, and actions. She believes that every problem in business is a people problem.

Through group interaction, peer review, individual practice, and partner exercises, here’s what will be gained in this workshop experience:

      • Learn your leadership style through a self-assessment process.
      • Discover what it takes to think on your feet and respond powerfully.
      • Clarify the difference between leading and managing.
      • Make appreciation of others an everyday occurrence.
      • Find out what your body language reveals and how to correct it.

Would you like to become a better listener? Do you want to express ideas that gain respect? Would you like to convey messages that produce a desired effect?

Being a deliberate, intentional communicator is incredibly rewarding. Allow Allison to teach your team what the most impactful leaders have practiced for years!