“Our organization represents higher education professionals whose positions run the gamut from entry-level data analysts to vice presidents for research and decision-support. We sought a dynamic speaker for our annual conference; we wanted someone who specializes in communication and would bring a different perspective and approach than is traditionally featured at our events. Allison tailored 7 Seconds that Change Your Life and presented a keynote in a way we had never experienced. Allison engaged more than 500 individuals in a lively, dynamic session. We laughed, we connected with people we had never met before, and we learned helpful, tangible skills to apply to our work. Allison’s enthusiasm and authenticity lit up the ballroom and reverberated throughout our conference in the days that followed. This was particularly exciting and beneficial for a gathering of people who work in a field that values data literacy, but has paid less attention to communication skills. Allison was fantastic—I am so glad that we mixed up our traditional approach to speakers, and that she joined us for the adventure!”

– Leah Ewing Ross, Senior Director for Research and Initiatives | Kroger

“The change that Allison helped bring about at Kroger has been transformational. She’s helped me problem solve with the business and has helped our Associates develop and grow.

Allison is a real talent whose energy is contagious. She inspires the best in people and has the ability to unleash leadership qualities that are untapped. I have countless testimonials of careers she has played a part in developing, in several divisions of Kroger.”

– Mike Ellis, Retired President | Kroger

Reser's Fine Foods

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“Allison is masterful at creating an environment that is conducive to learning. She is a natural, charismatic leader who skillfully weaves humor into her presentation to keep it light-hearted and fun. Her energy and enthusiasm got our team engaged immediately. She was able to repeatedly demonstrate actionable techniques for clear, concise goal-setting as well as a disciplined approach for optimizing results. Ultimately, every participant left the session with a renewed, results-oriented focus!”

– Peter Sirgy, EVP Sales, Marketing and R&D | Reser’s Fine Foods

“Thank you Allison! I loved your fantastic presentation and crowd engagement skills. Being an amateur at mastering body language and presentation skills, I learned a great deal more than what was in the content. From the bagpipe opening, with its harmonics drawing the crowd to an attentive and receptive state, to the expert way you worked with people’s responses, I felt I was watching a pro at work. As with watching any true athlete at the top of their game, I truly enjoyed you as our keynote speaker and part of the NWCU training day. It was a pleasure! ”

– Ivan Dominguez, CIISP | NWCU


“Allison Clarke shares our appreciation of life’s special moments. It has always been my vision that Ritz-Carlton hotels provide endless possibilities for our guests to enjoy and celebrate life. Reading her books, I was inspired to know that Allison captures the essence of truly living so beautifully.”

Herve Humler | President & COO, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C

“Allison was instrumental in helping myself and my team, better understand that engagement starts with us, and how we interact with each other is key to our success. I am very grateful for her insight, inspiration and the level of energy that she brought to every meeting! Allison’s classes were entertaining and driven by individual and team activities. As a leader, it was inspiring to see others come out of their shells and SHINE! Myself and my team are on a long journey to pursuing excellence, and Allison’s training has better prepared us, with both personal and professional growth!”

Sally Ray | District Manager of Baker’s

“Our division leadership team wanted a fresh new approach to improve communication, confidence and team building for our Store Management. Allison has the ability to get individuals to expand beyond their comfort zone. Allison gets her participants to think about themselves differently which helps them communicate to their team differently. I saw people that were quiet and reserved start to express themselves freely and confidently. Consultants I have dealt with in the past have a standard process or agenda they follow. Allison will adapt her process and agenda based on your needs.  She has amazing energy and is an excellent facilitator.”

Steve Peiffer | VP of Operations, Kroger Co, Dillons Division

“We asked Allison to facilitate our cultural council summit to give our leaders an entirely new experience. Allison helped our store managers & council leads think about engagement & leadership in a whole new way. Allison has the ability to get people to participate & get excited for the direction that we need our organization to go. I believe, that meeting put us on a new coarse set for greatness!”

Aaron Root | Dillons Customer 1st Manager

“We were looking to improve overall engagement within our stores. So we hired Allison. I have become more collaborative as my team’s leader which has helped me become a much better listener. I really enjoyed Allison’s teaching tactics as the interactions, and being able to utilize this not only in the business but personal life as well.”

Lori Close | Store Manager For Baker’s

“OCHIN selected Allison Clarke as our Keynote Speaker for the first day of our annual conference. We knew her message and enthusiasm would be just what we were looking for to inspire and engage our attendees, and we were right! Her keynote address helped us kick off our largest annual conference to date with an upbeat message that was timely and universally relevant. Allison also led a total of 4 workshops over 2 days about creativity, enthusiasm and leadership with just as impressive results. All of her workshops drew top attendance numbers by far, from a schedule that offered over 130 workshops. The feedback we received described her as super-engaging, a dynamic speaker, inspirational, intelligent, humorous and outstanding in her field. We can’t recommend Allison enough, she’s amazing!”

– Abby Sears, CEO | OCHIN, Inc.


“This was our first opportunity to work with an independent training consultant like Allison and our expectations continue to be exceeded at every turn. The training programs offered by Allison are paying dividends for both new employees and long-term team members. We are hearing from our long-term team members how reenergized they are about their purpose both professionally and personally. We are also seeing true shifts for the better regarding internal communication and our interactions with customers. There is a great value in Allison’s programs and we’ve implemented processes we may not have launched on our own. Having an independent person facilitate our trainings has provided greater perspective and new dimensions to our business.”

– Kent VanArnam | Dick Hannah Dealerships


“Allison was instrumental in helping us as an organization better understand our lack of strategic direction. With her help and deep dive we were able to re orient the organization to grow and prosper in an ever changing business environment.”

-Mike Ellis, President of Fred Meyer  

“Allison echoed and supported the different leadership processes I’ve been through in my 31 years with Fred Meyer.  We have had many varied classes and philosophies delivered to us in the past three decades as you can imagine.  I have never been through one that made the time go faster than you wanted!  The classes were engaging and entertaining.  The supportive and helpful insight Ms. Clarke delivers so effortlessly is an affirming and at times eye opening delight.  I love the fresh perspectives and how her class brought out the best from her participants.  Some very shy and introverted people became comfortable presenters.  She drives home the requirements of true leadership and everything is reinforced through each meeting.  World Class Leadership is alive and well in my District and all of us embrace this ongoing process daily.”

-Kevin Gee, Fred Meyer

“I have always considered myself a strong leader and an even stronger operator.  After the last 8 months with Allison I am now a strong operator and an even stronger leader.  Allison has worked with me on public speaking, body language, facilitating classes, communication, coaching and just having fun when working. After all of my personal training Allison assisted me with the selection of my entire management team for our project.  She created a six-week training class on engagement and accountability that was attended by my thirty managers.  The personal and professional growth displayed and demonstrated by the team was amazing.  Allison’s coaching was what made our project not only possible but extremely successful.”

-Sam Strouse, Fred Meyer  

“Allison is amazing. What I loved the most was being reminded of how important appreciating others is! I watched an entire team blossom before my eyes. The confidence the team walked away with was priceless. The importance of celebrating success at all levels throughout the company. Allison has taught us the value of communicating what is really important to our Associates, and given us lifelong skills that will help us professionally and personally. Our team has gone from Good to Great! We have all been inspired to be better leaders! Thank you Allison!”

-Cynthia Malen, Fred Meyer 


“Allison was instrumental in helping the people of our newly formed group to come together in our yearly meeting and understand more about our objectives/challenges and more about ourselves. I called her the “Human Blender”. Which really applies here. With the huge amount of energy she has we were able to mix the team together so that we can work on the common challenges we have. Thanks Allison!”

– Terry Nefcy, Intel

“Just wanted to thank you for the great time we had last week during the PHEO F2F. You were the energy booster we needed to go over the whole week and achieve our goals. Besides, you brought the warm human touch to our square engineering lives…Thanks!”

– Gabriel Bustamante Rabat, Intel Manager in Costa Rica 


“I was pleasantly surprised by the engaging process and helpful feedback provided by Allison and her team during our training. As a marketer, business owner and lead sales person, I’ve had years of experience speaking in front of groups large and small. It wasn’t until I spent time with Allison’s team that I gained insights into areas of improvement. I look forward to applying my learnings and experiencing greater success getting my message across.”

– Kent Lewis, Owner of Anvil Media


“Our two teams, Prudential Northwest Properties and Columbia Mortgage, had the recent opportunity of working with Allison over a two day period. Allison facilitated two very productive days of team building focused on the importance of customer service and how to deliver a great customer experience. It was an energetic and valuable event. We will definitely work with Allison again in the future.”
– Jason Waugh, CEO Prudential Northwest Properties


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Allison over the last 8 years and she continues to amaze me with her innovative, creative, and fundamental means of causing me to expand my vision. Moreover, the ability she possesses to bring forth another level of accountability. ‘The best of the best’ cliché has been used to describe many great leaders of our time and Allison certainly falls into this category. I challenge you to find a more competent career or life coach in the United States. Thank you, Allison, for being a true difference-maker in my life and the lives of my current and former colleagues.”

– Jesse Gregory, Executive Recruiter for Applied Recruiting Solutions


“Your tips on how to prepare the slides and how to deliver the information were a great asset to me and they made the presentation interesting and understandable. Your guidance in how to properly deliver the speech and how to physically express myself were extremely valuable. Compared to other speakers I saw at this meeting, my talk seemed much more interesting to the attendees and was totally a result of your training and knowledge.”
– Darol Brown, HBI USA


“No athlete becomes great without a great coach. No matter your skill level as a speaker — a beginner or a pro — Allison will take you two notches higher than you imagined was possible. Every conference I speak at the feedback forms say I delivered the most relevant and dynamic speech of the conference. Thank you Allison!”

– John Bernard, Mass Ingenuity


“Allison’s training immediately improved our members’ public speaking, leadership, and communication skills and has already helped us be a more effective organization. In fact, many of our members cited attending one of her trainings as the highlight of last year and we continue to recieve requests for her come back as often as possible! The fun and supportive environment she created got our group to engage in a way I’d never seen before; now our quietest members confidently present to a room full of people, speak to the media with passion about our important work in the community, and persuade friends and family to donate to the important services we provide. Not only are her exercises, tips, and coaching incredibly effective, but her dynamic presence models the potential that each of us has when we take a few risks and exercise deliberate practice of our speaking and leadership skills. Providing her high-caliber training to a non-profit like ours has done more to increase member satisfaction and engagement than anything I’ve ever seen. She has played a huge role in the transformation of our organization!”

– Catherine Sloan, Inside Track


“Our dedicated, professional team delivers CCA’s mission impact providing JoyRx every day to the 11,000 local children and their family members we serve each year and supporting 1,000 community volunteers. Allison inspired each of us to find new ways of working better as a team, presenting our company to our community, helped refine our communication skills and improved our brand promise. Our team had a great team building experience, filled with activities and fun while gaining valuable tools to strengthen and deepen our organization. Allison led one of the most memorable staff development retreats we’ve had!”

– Regina Ellis, Children’s Cancer Association

“Management and leadership are not synonymous; and Allison’s unique gift to inspire growth through facilitation has been remarkable. Allison is a change agent encouraging participants to discover their personal purpose. Her work with our team has made us all more aware of what it means to live and work with meaningful intention. She offers a different way of seeing things which is fundamental for growth in an ever evolving workplace. As an operations manager, I am confident our employee engagement and customer service has been improved since working with Allison Clarke!”

– Marie Henry, General Manager | Lincoln Memorial Park & Funeral Home

“This past year we had Allison work with our team during our annual sales meeting. The topic was effective communication. The experience was incredible and is still making a difference daily. Her ability to get an entire organization to see things from different perspectives was pretty impressive. The feedback has been very positive and in fact has lead us to ask Allison to work with our group on a national level. Everyone left with tools and resources that I still see our team use today. Thank you again Allison! #incredible ”

– Rob Gloeckner, Vice President | Beynon Sports