Presentation Skills Training

You are your own billboard.

What message are you sending?

Allison Clarke coaches companies and individuals with proven results. After listening to your needs, she designs and delivers a program to increase your overall effectiveness at work. This allows you to push past perceived barriers to success and thrive in your career.

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Convincing Communication Class

Because every organization is unique, Allison presentations skills training is highly adaptable. The overview below covers areas of focus from this powerful training:

  • Creating memorable introductions
  • Conquering bad habits
  • Tactics for powerful endings
  • Effective use of props and analogies to convey complex ideas
  • Mastering body language and tone of voice

Convincing Communications

Time to Learn

Facilitation with Finesse

ACC’s Facilitation with Finesse is a one-day workshop that shares the unspoken secrets and hidden skills of successful corporate trainers. It’s for business leaders who value each person’s time and want to get a desired result when they run a meeting.

CONSIDER THIS: 80% of what people hear, they forget within 24 hours. The human attention span is only 4 seconds long. How are you keeping your team engaged and educated?

Allison Clarke is a former Master Trainer with Dale Carnegie and has coached hundreds of speakers, managers, corporate trainers, and executives in delivering quality meetings that spark necessary action. This role shouldn’t be taken lightly. It carries the ability to inspire others and transfer critical knowledge.

Using group interaction, peer review, individual practice, and partner exercises, here’s what you will gain as a workshop participant:

  • Assess your facilitation style and know what to adjust
  • Learn the Top Ten secrets for facilitation success
  • Gain techniques to open and close a memorable meeting
  • Establish purpose and an agenda to keep things moving
  • Use less technology and more human engagement

Are you killing people with Power Point and hand-outs? Would you like to encourage feedback and manage the flow of ideas?

Whether meeting face-to-face, video, telephone, or conference call, the same verbal and nonverbal skills apply. Make your meetings an expression of how much you care about progress and people.

“Human connection is what makes successful communication occur.” ~ ACC











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“My speech went AWESOME! It went without a hitch! I got a TON of kudos and business cards, plus two more opportunities to speak to other groups.

I can’t thank you enough. Your help, confidence and wisdom really made the whole process achievable. You are one of the good ones, and I thank you.”

– Dave Lemke, Executive Vice President of Creative Services Opus Creative

“I was pleasantly surprised by the engaging process and helpful feedback provided by Allison and her team during our training. As a marketer, business owner and lead sales person, I’ve had years of experience speaking in front of groups large and small. It wasn’t until I spent time with Allison’s team that I gained insights into areas of improvement. I look forward to applying my learnings and experiencing greater success getting my message across.”

– Kent Lewis, Owner of Anvil Media

“Often times as a Leader we mistake knowledge for ability. Just because we know how to do something doesn’t mean we can do it properly. Today’s communications session was a reminder that I too can continue to learn and put into practice the art of convincing communications. Thank you to the Portland Crew for enhancing my presentation skills beyond my expectations. It was certainly worth the trip from Canada.”

– Laura Leyser, Leader. Speaker. REALTOR(r)

“I took Allison’s Convincing Communications workshop because I wanted to come across as a pro on camera. I needed to improve, but I didn’t know what would make me better. Allison adjusted my body language, slowed down my pace, and taught me how to emphasize my words for impact. She also helped me figure out how to dress in a way that matches the tone of my message and ups my credibility. As an unexpected bonus, I wound up loving the people at this event and found their progress to be as rewarding as my own. ”

– Erin Donley, Erin Donley Communications